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Beyond Tradition: Gen-Z’s Approach to Big Law

Gen-Z lawyers are getting their first taste of Big Law life. What impressions have these first few years as associates left on them, and how have those experiences impacted their future?

When asked, “Has your experience working at your current firm matched the expectations you had in law school?”





What are Gen-Z Associates Thinking?

We surveyed 546 Gen-Z junior associates, 92% of which came from Am Law 200 firms, about how their experience as lawyers matched their expectations from law school and their plans for the future.
Here’s what we found:
  • 45% of junior associates feel that law school did not adequately prepare them for their current roles.
  • 74% of respondents said they chose their firm based on culture, beating out reputation and compensation.
  • 36% want to make partner at a firm someday, but men indicated more interest in the partner track than women.
  • 52% would trade part of the compensation for fewer billable hours.

By the Numbers

Would you make the same choice [of firm to work for] again?

How long do you plan to stay with your firm?

Have your career goals changed since you started at your current firm?

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